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Huckleberry Spread

Flavor Spotlight: Huckleberry

September 15, 2014 | Posted in: News

Huckleberry SpreadI went on a much needed vacation to Mt. Adams, Washington, a couple weeks ago.  I was hoping to take some R & R from jam making, but it turns out it was huckleberry season up there!  Well, I know it takes a lot of those little buggers to make a pound, much less 5 lb baggies, so when the general store said they had a bunch of them, I tried to buy them up.  I bought 100 lbs and hardly made a dent in their stock.  These were also the biggest, cleanest and best picked batch I had ever come across.  I have cooked down 30 lbs already and have sold most of them!

An 8 oz jar sells for $8 and a 4 oz for $5.  Make sure to get yours soon, as I am selling them like crazy.

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