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Simply Made, Simply Good

Fresh Fruit to Fruit SpreadSpreads are a fresh and delicious part of your day. I use local Portland area produce for an intense and pure fruit taste, unhindered by other allowable commercial additives. By selling my spreads at the local farmer’s markets, I have been able to not only stay in touch with the needs of my customers, but forge valuable relationships with the growers in the community and use their freshest crops to make my spreads.

Even though I have transitioned from making single batches of jam on my home stove to commercial kettles of 200 jars or more, I maintain my relentless commitment to quality. My purpose is to take fruit spreads back to its simple and wholesome beginnings while simultaneously reinventing it with my unique culinary perspective.

MeeMee’s Goodies is the result of my desire to capture and preserve the fresh taste of luscious summer fruit and berries for my family. Sharing my overproduction with friends and family led me to feel confident enough to now share with my local community. Feel good about what you feed your family, because I feel good about feeding you.

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